We have the honor to say that Atite Prisca, a Lindy hop dancer from Uganda, will be joining the Take the "A" Train thanks to a collaboration between the Frankie Manning Foundation and the organization of the festival. We want to express our gratitude to the FMF to make it possible.

Marta Mans has created many of our posters and the super cool video of the festival. She has been dancing from the earliest times in Barcelona, attending many of the swing festivals organized in the area and beyond.

Extremely comfy streetwear shoes made of rhythm! Handmade with great care in Spain.

For the Sunday Party, we will have the opportunity to dance to the delightful music Agustí - Dj Lobster will bring. And he is not just a "regular" Dj... he plays vinyl records!

He is a very well known Dj in the country, and he has been an active member of the swing community for more than 15 years!

We are very happy to cooperate with the amazing Zaraswing team!

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